The Importance Of Journalism In Society

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When studying the role journalism plays in society, it is important to examine a society where journalism has few borders restricting its ability to function at full strength. Currently ranking number three in the world today in world press freedom, Finland is a great example of what free press can be. One of many reasons why journalism is so successful in Finland is its freedom of press outlined in the Finnish constitution. Freedom of expression and right of access to information is clearly outlined in Section 12. This allows everyone to have the freedom to “express, disseminate and receive information.” (Republic of Finland, 1995). In addition to Section 12, the Act on the Exercise of Freedom of Expression in Mass Media provides further protection to those disseminating information. Specifically Section 16 which grants “confidentiality of sources and right to anonymous expression” (Ministry of Justice, 2003). This shield law protects journalists from revealing confidential sources and potential jail time. Finland models a unitary parliamentary republic where the people are represented by the…show more content…
Väliverronen, Ahva, and Pöyhtäri’s substantial collection of findings include three fourths of journalists surveyed concluding that they had “complete or a great deal of freedom to select their stories, and even more freedom was perceived in deciding over what aspects to emphasize in a news story” (2016). However, when asked when influences loomed over their work, the prominent responses included “journalism ethics” and media laws and regulations, like those implemented by CMM and FICORA. Between these grievances and further editorial findings, the University of Tampere researchers deem internal influences more constraining than those outside the newsroom. Although, it seems more practical to have internal constraints than those from the outside. A threat to freedom

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