Pros And Cons Of Media Censorship

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Media Censorship: Good or bad?
On the last decades, the freedom of speech has become one of the most discussed and relevant topics inside general population and governments. When it comes to human basic rights, it is clear that the free and open shared of information and communication between all parts plays an important role to ensure a healthy development and progress. However, to think that every country will be willing to spread all kinds of ideas and opinions without placing a boundary would be a utopian assumption.
Since the first steps of the humanity to some sort of organization, boundaries became crucial and necessary in order to keep control over the society while establishing rules and governments on the raising world. On the present …show more content…

Something allowed in the United States could easily be prohibited in Arabia or Pakistan, everything depends directly if the ideas are taken as disrespectful or insulting to a person, religion, among others, and are all control and regulated by each state government.
The control in the media is, as any other government action, full of pros and cons about the reasons and results it gives.
On one hand, it is important to put a limit on the kind of information, images, videos and others that can get to the population. Sometimes, the citizen from a specific nation is not ready to understand fully the material given to him, especially if this citizen is a child. Violence, sex, drugs, alcohol and other –no fully understandable topics- for some part of the public need to be limited in order to protect childhood and guaranteeing a correct development in a healthy environment.
Another positive reason why censor media is effective is the fact that delicate information frequently requires remaining secret to the public to avoid violence or problems inside the nation, especially if the information left out the media is directly attached to national …show more content…

On the other hand, media censorship is also used for wrong motives, mostly by the government who is trying to protect themselves from anti-politics ideas or any other movement against them. Censorship became at some point a weapon apply to keep citizens ignorant, by denying the entry or spread of sensitive information inside the country, authorities assure the status quo remaining, prohibiting to their nation the opportunity to learn more and to think differently, all because this could cause the loss of their power.
Media censorship is a delicate matter where there is not a perfect position about it. As is known, media is one of the most important instruments use to communicate opinions in a short period of time to a big part of the world, this makes it a very power device with the capacity to change everything just with one word and give to the society great benefits, but it can also be used in negative ways, affecting directly the good relationship between communities, all critical aspects that make you think it is imperative to establish rational basic rules and boundaries to avoid the media become a dangerous threat to

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