Art Censorship In Art

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Censorship of the arts is a highly debated and controversial subject that deals with what artistic content is deemed acceptable or unacceptable to the public in society, as well as the limitations of practicing artists’ rights to express themselves through art. In this regard, art should be a way to express one’s own opinions, but should not be used as a vessel for insensitive or malicious intent in dealing with topics such as race and religion. In this essay, I will be discussing this and two other reasons as to why artists should not be given absolute freedom in creating their artworks. These other reasons are that art may also cause controversy within society when dealing with topics unaccepted by conservative members of the public, such as political views that go against the norm, as well as shocking or, to some, disturbing content such as intense or extreme gore and nudity. While these are some reasons why art censorship can be justified, I will also be discussing a counter-argument to these reasons, which is that society should not shoot down views and opinions based solely on a minority that does not approve of them. Art should mostly be used to express one’s own opinions and feelings, but one should not use this as a vessel for insensitive content or malicious intent, especially dealing with sensitive topics such as racial and religious issues. In 1987, American photographer and artist Andres Serrano photographed an image, entitled Immersion (Piss Christ), of a

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