The Importance Of Mentorship In Organizations

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In an increasingly global competitive environment, organizations must ensure that they have top performers and leaders who can navigate the organizations through such challenges and take it to success. To get such top performers, organizations may tend to hire “stars” from other organizations. However, as research has shown, just 30% of a top performer’s ability stems from individual capabilities and rest derives from resources and capabilities specific to the organization [1]. Hence, it becomes important that talented individuals and future leaders are groomed from within the organization.
Organizations across the world realize this and have started creating “designed” leadership programs that include recruiting and nurturing
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Adequate training must be given to the candidates to ensure smoother role movement. The role of having a mentor through the individual’s journey is also very important and we discuss the same in the subsequent sections.
4. Mentorship
Senior leaders in the organizations are often appointed as mentors to the candidates. Mentorship aids in the development of required skills and abilities of the recruited candidates and helps the candidate to find their feet in the organization. The candidates can leverage the experiences of the leaders that can prove to be critical in guiding them when expectations are very high and the going gets tough. Also a mentor can ensure that the candidate’s movement across roles and teams during the program is smooth. Hence, mentorship is important in ensuring the success of the program
We identified 2 key parameters that must be addressed to ensure that mentorship attains its desired

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