Similarities Between Coaching And Mentoring

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Name: Julia Carter-Meadows

Date: 23rd August 2015

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Work Based Assignment 1

Understanding the skills, principles and practice of effective management coaching and mentoring

1. Understand the purpose of coaching and mentoring within an organisational context

1.1 Define what coaching and mentoring is within the context of an organisation and explain the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring.

The terms coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably yet there are distinctions between the two processes. Coaching and mentoring interventions, in an organisational context, are used to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or workplace
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Mentors can act as role models with the important part of their role focusing on the career development of the mentee.

Similarities between coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring are valuable developmental tools for any organisation and play a key role in early business and career success. They share similarities in their processes with building rapport, questioning and listening skills and supportive relationships with the mentor and coach.
Both roles are open and honest and not telling, instructing or teaching. The roles of both coach and mentor are to ask the right questions in order to help the coachee/mentee to find the best solution. Both roles aim to promote greater self-awareness and more informed decision making.

Mentoring and coaching offer significant benefits both directly and indirectly, to an organisation aiming for excellence by developing potential and abilities allowing for growth in knowledge and experience (Thomas 1995). Mentoring and coaching can increase productivity, recruitment, staff retention, succession planning, leadership development and increased motivation within the
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Any feedback should be confidential so as not to identify any individual coachee.

1.3 Present the case for using coaching or mentoring to benefit individuals and organisation performance.

Benefits to the individual

Coaching and mentoring when delivered in a structured and engaging manner can bring significant benefits to an individual in both personal and professional development. Both approaches help develop and increased level of confidence and self-awareness, improved inter-personal skills, managing conflict and enhanced leadership skills (Roberts 2000, Beamont 2002). They provide the opportunity for feedback on strengths and areas for development in a safe, judgmental environment and can help accelerate learning.

A study focused on leadership in nursing used coaching and mentoring techniques and the findings showed coaching maximised feelings of being more ambitious, having a greater understanding of the organisation and of feeling more empowered. Mentoring increased networking skills, negotiation skills and increased insight and ability to problem solve (Feilden, Davidson and Sutherland

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