The Importance Of Life In Our Town

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Life is the span between the birth and death of a living species, especially a human being. The average lifespan of a human being today, is about seventy-one years. Full of ups and downs, life is too short to stumble upon the negative aspects and remain stuck. The blessings and successes should be some of the main focal points, which will provide happiness if life is lived in the moment. In the book Our Town, it reveals the stages of two families’ lives and how quickly it progresses. To develop the theme of living life to the fullest, Wilder establishes a particular plot, uses literary devices, and implements tone.

The introduction of two middle-class families, the Gibbs and the Webbs, is the dominant factor of the plot. These two families are most important to the play because the children, Emily Webb and George Gibbs get married. In act one, Wilder emphasizes on “social relationships rather than individual character”(Stephens 2) which enables his audienc to establish a deeper understanding between the two families. He portrays the families doing ordinary everyday activities such as the kids going to school, the fathers going to work, and the mothers staying at home to prepare food and care for the children. …show more content…

In this act, Emily and George announce that they are getting married. “People were meant to live two by two”(Conway 4) the stage manager explains, emphasizing the social relationship the couple has. The plot shifts from the daily lives of both families to a new beginning between George and Emily even though they have known each other their whole

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