The Importance Of Living Religions

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Living religions, practices and rituals are integral to adherents’ behaviours and are immersed in everyday human existence. The fundamental principles that define a living religion are compatible with a modern society that is dynamic, and can be seen in practice today. Each of the living religions explored in the articles have different beliefs and ethics, which contribute immensely to each individual, providing a sense of self identity and belonging, along with a moral code and answers to questions that are otherwise unexplainable.

Living religion supplies a moral code for adherents to base their everyday life and actions upon, whilst also providing stability. These moral codes differ between each religion, but ultimately dictate the way in which an individual should live their life and base decisions regarding all aspects of their existence. Susan Carland believes that “living according to Islamic values, dressing modestly and praying
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The adherent all agree that there is a commonality in the sense of the belonging they feel towards their particular religion. Meshel Laurie feels as though believing in the Buddhist ideals keeps her grounded, as her mental health was so fragile before and she feels as though she was in the “right place at the right time for her soul.” Majde and Shaini also believe that without their different religions they would be very confused and lost, as it is the one thing in life they both rely upon to give direction. As for Susan Carland, she feels as though “becoming muslim felt like coming home, it felt like a natural fit for her as a person.” Having the faith within a living religion can assist in one’s understanding and sense of self, and can also bring a feeling of community, as experienced by Nikki Kinstlinger, “I love the togetherness of the community… everyone feels as though every other Jew is their
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