The Importance Of Organic Food In China

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Organic foods are the new craze amongst today 's generation of environmentally conscious. Around the world the safety of food is more and more questionable. This led to the world 's population gradually turning to organic farming and products to fuel themselves. Currently, in the United States, much of the intellectual and health conscious populace invest their time and money into finding reliable organic food options. Organic markets are establishing themselves within numerous U.S. cities, and in which makes it easier for consumers to buy such foods. However, the case for China is different. Although China 's organic production scene is on the rise, it is still a slow process that much of its large population know nothing of. With the shocking events of years past Chinese citizens are consuming more organic products for food safety reasons. While…show more content…
Before coming to Beijing, I believed Chinese produce and meats were healthier than those in the United States. Unlike most American cuisines, Chinese cuisines always contain some sort of meat and vegetable combination. Therefore, I thought Chinese people were eating healthier. I, naturally, thought Chinese food was clean and had less food sanitary concerns while considering it was healthier than American food. However, being in Beijing, the capital city of China, I am exposed to a different perception of Chinese food than that of my peers and I in the States. Talking to some Chinese students on campus and studying China 's environment and its issues made me wonder about China 's organic food scene. On my home campus and in my hometown organic foods are commonplace. But, since my arrival in Beijing, I have not seen an organic sticker or sign in any of the food markets I have shopped in. This inspired me to research organic farming and food consumption in China. And while doing so, I found China 's organic food scene even though smaller than that of the United States roughly the same for reason I will present later in the

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