The Importance Of Pain Management

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Pain is the signal of distress sent by the body; it is a “the feeling of suffering or agony, caused by stimulation of specialized nerve endings” (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2008, p.704). According to the studies of the international association of the study of pain, it is possible to identify three different types of pain: acute pain, chronic pain and cancer pain (Parsons & Preece, 2010). On this point of view, spiritual beliefs often place a greater significance to help some patient accept their own illness and often render people plan for the future. Also, spirituality can both help people live more profound lives as well as to build-up or console people during suffering and in preparation for inevitable death. As a student nurse who have…show more content…
In various studies, people living with chronic pain may report more intense pain and related disability especially if they have depression, anxiety, or both. Therefore, the fear of pain may be caused more disability than the pain itself. Being a front liner in the health care industry who provided care to the patients are the most important agents for pain management. Therefore, Nurses should be attuned and sensitive to the biological, psycho social needs of the patients in their efforts to holistically address pain. Furthermore, as a health care involved with patients management of care, one of the nursing care goals is to explore the psycho social factors involved in the pain experience and attempt to address misconceptions, unhelpful coping strategies so to enforce and promote positive ones. In addition, it should be understood that, individuals’ capacities to cope, tolerate, and accept disease and pain entail multiple levels of experience and thought. Hence, nurses can assess that spirituality form that may play an important role in coping with illness and pain. As such, religion and spirituality may influence the experience of pain and fatigue. If we have noticed, some religious people are less likely to have pain…show more content…
Religious resources to cope with pain. Also, nurses need to be more aware of the importance of spirituality and religion in helping and supporting people having pain, and once we learn from patients about their spiritual or religious nature that might be crucial for their personal health care, Nurses should, just as for any physical or psycho social symptom, develop a pain treatment plan that reflects appropriate goals of care. It is also important that both health professionals and their patients focus on those goals, especially when disagreements between the health professionals and patients are based on conflicts between spiritual and religious and accompanied with some medical needs Vanderpool & Levin, 1990. Therefore, Nurses need to be more aware of the importance of spirituality and religion in helping and supporting people in pain. In conclusion religious or spiritual practices can help in managing pain in several ways. Inspite of the fact that both religious and spiritual beliefs influence pain management, and sometimes patient have some point of view and firm conviction that opioid substances

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