The Importance Of Patrick Henry's Speech In The Virginia Convention '

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Near the end of British control, the American colonists got angry about what was happening in their country and start to spread the idea of self-rule. In 1775, Patrick Henry gave the “Speech in the Virginia Convention” to persuade the representatives to prepare for the impending war with the British and fight for independence.

One reason Patrick Henry wants to persuade them into to following him is to prepare for war. He wishes to convince them to prepare for the incoming “storm” which they have been doing “everything that could be done” to avoid the “storm”. He is trying to convince the delegates that the option of war is impossible to hold off any longer and will not wait for the colonists to be ready. Henry is trying to scare the delegates into believing what he believes. To the people who want to hold off preparing for something that might not happen, he asks them when they “shall gather” enough “strength” to fight against the British. Henry is trying to push the delegates by asking when it will be time for action, now or when the British are going to force them into the worst situation later in the future. “Gentlemen may cry” for “Peace, Peace, but” it is too late to beg for peace or come to a solution without violence. Patrick Henry is stressing that it is now time for action and that they have to fight for peace.

Patrick Henry’s beliefs mostly influence his next purpose of independence. He wants to spread the idea of being independent and out of the control of the British. At the beginning …show more content…

He believes that being a part of Britain is holding America back from going forward to the future, so he stresses the importance of fighting for what they believe in, which is to lead themselves. He wants to be known as the man who helps his country on the right path and a year later, he does just that, where the beliefs in self-government lead them to the now self-ruled United States of

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