The Importance Of Racism In America

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Racism is probably the biggest problems in our society. People constantly wonder why racism still exists due to the new generation’s tolerance of everybody no matter the gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. While tolerating each other’s difference is a step in the right direction, more strides need to be taken toward accepting each other’s differences. Being taught to tolerate people’s distinctions is somewhat harmful to society. Basically, many young adults are being taught to think, “people are different than you, oh well deal with it.” Instead children and teens should be taught to accept the distinctions that make us all unique. Sadly racism will never come to an end it is simply embedded in American culture. This means that although, we as Americans, come from a plethora of different backgrounds, racism has always thrived. It will continue to thrive due to the failure to learn to accept people that are different from ourselves and the ignorance of many Americans today. The color of someone 's skin, their gender, and their sexual orientation do not mean anything it is what is in our minds that matters.
Racism has always thrived and it will continue to thrive in America because it is part of the “American Experience.” America was built on the idea of freedom and equality. The sad thing is America has never seen complete freedom or equality ever since our nation was founded. Instead America relied heavily on slaves in its youth. The 3/5ths compromise of
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