Personal Narrative: Why Do We Get Sick In This World

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Why do we get sick in this world? Imagine a world where we never had to get sick. This was my dream when I was young. I was in the worst place a child could be. Everyone, there was wearing white coats and the smell of dead bodies from souls that passed through this world and has moved on to other worlds. Imagine thinking that every day that you lived that you had a fifty percent chance of dying. But your parents would try to come in every morning and try to make your day better. But instead, the white cape people would start walking down the hall. Then your stomach would start to hurt and your brain would also try to run through every possible thing that could come out of their mouth. The door opens and everyone in the room stands up to hear the good news. But when he speaks my tears drop to the floor just from all the blood rushing through my veins, from jumping up and down on the bed. …show more content…

My parents and the white capes/heroes speak of where the normal kids live. The lucky ones who get to have all the fun but also go to this boring school were apparently they teach you stuff that is fascinating but boring to most kids. But the most fun thing that kids still love to this day which fascinated me more than anything is this big white thing you set up on the table with a screen on it that you could look up anything I mean anything and some reason knows what that is and then shows you what it means but wait for a picture to it is like it is reading my brain wow that were the things I was going to experience in a world outside this hospital's doors that were the last words I remember of this so-called

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