Personal Narrative: Autoimmune Disease

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Over the course of the last few months my life was changed for the worst yet another time. This time, the whirlwind was caused by my youngest brother, Zane. Being sucked into school life with all the extracurricular activities, I have had to balance demands of his diagnosis with all the academic requirements of achieving at a high level and participating in sports. On October 2, 2016, he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Bechet's Syndrome. With all the current problems associated with the disease, it may become extremely hard from my brother, Neil, to communicate with Zane. Neil was born into the silent world. He was completely deaf but found some improvement with surgery and hearing aids. His congenital hearing problem was caused by a genetic mutation called Connexin 26. The little hearing that he has retained keeps slipping away yearly, bit by bit. Being deaf is not a death sentence, and my family had adapted fairly well to every situation that has arisen. The problem lies with this new diagnosis. Bechet's patients can develop blindness; Zane is already suffering blurred vision. If this progresses, it will be extremely difficult for my brothers communicate with to each other. As I am watching all of this unfold, the situation has left me an emotional boat trying to paddle against the strong …show more content…

That falls to my dad. Due to an injury sustained while in the Marine Corps, he was permanently retired with a disability. Ten surgeries have left him with a prosthesis in his wrist and elbow. Until his most recent elbow placement, he lived in constant pain with his arm elevated over his head in an effort to gain an ounce of relief. I remember the nights when he would walk the floor, screaming. I would curl up in my blankets and wish I could help in some

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