Technomancy In Greek Literature Essay

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The religion of ancient Greece and Rome are extinct. They are all divinities of Olympus. At present they belong to literature and taste not to the department of theology. They still hold their place and even continue to be so, because they are closely connected with the finest art called literature. We narrate the stories from ancient times, which have come down through ages from ancestors. Readers might be happy to be entertained by the most charming fictions and other works connected with mythology. A modern author throws a light on Greek literature to understand the political and religious setup of Greece during olden times. As sacred stories, myths are often endorsed by rulers and priests; and are closely linked to religion or spirituality. …show more content…

The term technomancy refers to ‘an imaginary or fictional category of magical abilities that affect technology or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology’. Technomancy is a common theme in certain subgenres of both science fiction and modern-day fantasy fiction particularly fiction that crosses science fiction and fantasy genres. Another form of technomancy sometimes called 'industrial magic’ has magical devices operating similarly to technological devices. The Harry Potter’s setting has owl familiars serving as a postal system, animated newspapers and fireplace embers serving as video screens, phantom quills and parchments as speech-recognition software, even flying brooms and orbs as athletic equipment and so on. The novel blends science and magic especially in the form of his webgoblin and Melchior. Ravirn is not an average computer geek. He is a child of The Fates. He is an extraordinary hacker. So our hero comes as a talented hacker or programmer as the world becomes modern and digital. He is a descendent of Greek family and he has those magical powers within him. He also has a helper or goblin in this fiction called as Webgoblin. Often it changes its shapes for the sake of his master Ravirn. Who is a college student, who is trying to pass his exams. He has the capacity to download the problems of the

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