How Did Ancient Greece Impact Christianity

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Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece were very powerful and influential forces around the time that Christianity had began to spread. In Rome’s society, people followed under an emperor, who had strict rules about religion and the type of beliefs one should have. At the time, Rome’s official religion was pagan, but later converted to Christian. Ancient Greece had different religious beliefs than those that Christianity consisted of, but these countries were both powerful and helpful in spreading this new religion. Greece and Rome were impactful on Christian doctrine as well as helping this religion thrive and continue to expand to new areas. With these type of factors in mind, this paper will answer the question “How did Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome impact Christianity?”. …show more content…

It is important to understand the history and culture of these two societies, as well as some important factors that went into the creation of this religion. Also this paper will explain what Christianity really is and where it came from. People played a valuable role that went into shaping this religion as well. Within these societies, there were small groups of those who helped the religion survive, despite the struggles they faced and had to overcome. There was different types of leaders throughout this process who each had their own effect on the religion as a whole. These people were tremendously diverse, but each one had unique way of making a difference. Some of these people include Constantine the Great, who was the emperor of the Romans. Another person who helped construct and aid in the expansion of the religion was the Apostle Paul, a Roman born missionary who preached his ideas amongst others. Paul was one of the most important people in the history of Christianity. This was due to the fact that he was one of the original missionaries and it was said that Jesus had came to

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