Church And Politics In The Middle Ages

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Rome to Renaissance Essay

What do the sources for this course tell us about the Church and politics in the middle ages.

During the Middle Ages, various events caused the Church to become gradually powerful and dominant as it was the only universal European institution. The fall of Rome resulted in the Rise of Christianity. As Rome ceased to be the political centre and was replaced by Milan and Nicomedia, Christianity slowly began to rise to prominence and by 325AD, Christianity was made the preferred religion of the empire. By 380, Christianity became the official religion. The Church dominated politics throughout the Middle Ages. It is clear from reading numerous primary sources that the Church was the sole guidance of people throughout the Middle Ages. This essay will discuss the factors and events that led to the rise of the Church in the Middle Ages and the change in politics from this time. It is evident from reading various sources from the course that the Church and the State were closely linked and that this bond was formed from the early outset of the Middle Ages, at the time of the Roman Empire. The object of this essay is to research primary sources from this time to demonstrate the progression of the Church and politics in the Middle Ages.

As the Roman Republic was replaced by the Roman Empire, the first Emperor, Augustus reorganised the political system as the Republic had destroyed the political system a result of violence and a lack of law in the Republic.

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