The Importance Of The Carbon Cycle

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There are a number of elements within the universe such as hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon which is the fourth most abundant element. Carbon can be regarded as one of the most important elements in the universe due to the fact that it is regarded as the definition of life. Molecules that consist of carbon are chemically defined as “organic” whereas molecules that do not consist of carbon are regarded as “inorganic”. All organisms on earth including humans need carbon for energy and growth or even for body structure and support. Together with water, organisms are mainly made up of carbon. Another reason for the importance carbon is its diversity. Carbon is extremely diverse as it can be found in numerous forms such as the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), coal, diamonds, calcium-carbonate or limestone, wood and plastic. The movement or cycle of carbon in its different forms or states across the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere and geosphere is known as the carbon cycle.…show more content…
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