The Importance Of Homework

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Homework- Schoolwork that a student is required to do at home. Why should “schoolwork” have to be done at home? Kids all around the world ask this question as they sit down late at night stressing about the countless hours of work they must complete before school the next day. The main focus of going to school is for students to learn and adapt to new information given to them. The work they should do should be kept inside of the classroom and not assigned into their personal lives. Although some students use homework to review what they learned, teachers should not assign homework every night because students already spend enough time doing work during the day. Students spend too much of their time in the classroom to come home and do …show more content…

If a person does not find something interesting or think that it will benefit them, they will not see any point of doing it. Many students don’t like to do their work because “They can achieve adequate grades without doing it, so they choose not to do it” (20 pros and cons). If a student does not find something interesting, they will create a hatred toward that subject. Homework has become that subject throughout schools and this comes from teachers forcing it on their plates. Also, students like to take the easy way out, showing that “Finding the answers to homework instead of figuring out the answers on one’s own is a constant temptation” (20 pros and cons). When students do not want to do something, they try to take the easy way out of it, which creates cheating and not giving a full effort towards it. This atmosphere of cheating causes life-long conflicts with work habits. In support of students, Veteran freelance writer James Atwater claims, “Instead of contributing to learning, it only threatens to blacken the association young people have with education” (Atwater). By homework giving off negative energy, it creates a mindset to not correlate homework with positivity and success. Negativity due to homework is not good because it makes them hate doing it and eventually hate …show more content…

Students who have a growing hate for homework may think that “Repeating the same problems over and over is boring, difficult, and only reinforces the practice of discipline” (20 pros and cons). Repetition is not always the correct path to take students down to get them to like something or make them better at something. Teaching them fun and non stressful information is the correct way. Work after school should be used in a beneficial way rather than being stressful and

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