The Importance Of The First Ten Amendments

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We all have heard of the Bill of Rights because they outline what we as American citizens are entitled to and what the government can’t control. The Constitution lays out the building blocks of the United States of America and the first ten amendments are what are known as the Bill of Rights. Having the Bill of Rights in our Constitution plays a big role on how government power is distributed. Our Founders wanted us to have as much freedom as possible without causing chaos. Instead of having all power and freedom rely on one government, we decided to break it down. Now the country and states individually can have their own power. This gives more power to the people to allow them to live as they choose. The first ten amendments are what make …show more content…

The second amendment outlines the right to bear arms, which guarantees that the government can’t take away the right for someone to have weapons. The third amendment insures that it is not required for a solider to stay in a house without the owners consent. The forth amendment states that the law can no search or seize your property without consent, warrant, or probable cause. The fifth amendment denies the act of double jeopardy, a witness acting again himself in court of law, and requires due process if deprived of life, liberty, and property. The sixth amendment ensures that if you have to go to trial, which will be speedy and public by a jury, and you are entitled to a counsel for defense. The seventh amendment guarantees a jury trial for civil cases as well. The eighth amendment protects citizens from cruel or unusual forms of punishment as well as excessive bails and fines. The ninth amendment says that there are other rights that are implemented that are not in just the Bill of Rights. The final amendment states that any power that’s not given to the federal government is distributed throughout the states and the

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