The Importance Of The Second Amendment

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It is late at night and you are on your bed watching the television. You are in the middle of your favorite show when you hear glass breaking. At first you think it is your pet knocking over your vase, but then you hear footsteps. It seems like you are defenseless, but you remember your gun in the closet. This is a situation over 2.5 million people deal with per year. Luckily, one in three Americans own guns to protect themselves, hunt, play sports, or collect as a hobby. During the Revolutionary War, minutemen were there at a moment's notice to protect the Americans from British armies. Our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to protect citizens from invaders and situations like this. Today it it used in many more ways than protecting …show more content…

According to, there are two sides to the issue and many opinions on gun safety. The side that wants gun restrictions say “ I see everybody keeps saying "2nd Amendment" this, "2nd Amendment" that. You're looking at something that was adopted in 1791. Ladies and gentlemen... we live in the 21st century, it should be about time that we do something about old rules. The 2nd Amendment and the "Right to bear arms" was only approved to prevent others from entering property and committing treason. A time when the "police" were not so widespread as it is today.” They believe that gun restrictions should be put down or we should take away the Second Amendment because we already have people to protect us from people who can hurt us. People who oppose the Second Amendment being taken away say “ guns don't kill people, people kill people. Somebody has to physically pick up a gun for the gun to go off and shoot somebody. Humans have been using guns for over 400 years and there has never been a problem that they had to ban guns. Guns are a mean of survival and protection and always will be. They should run background checks on everyone who tries to purchase a gun. They should not sell guns to people that are mentally ill or have other types mental disorders. Guns should only be sold to people that has not committed any violent crimes. This will stop a lot of gun crimes that happen in America today. Gun should be sold to people for protection and hunting.” These people believe that gun restrictions should happen to prevent people who are going to use them for evil. These discussions are taking place because situations like robbing, massacres, and random shootings kill many people. This can affect gun owners in the United States because they could ban a particular type of gun. Luckily, the people wanting gun restrictions only want to put background checks on people who want to purchase guns.

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