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The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, was arguably the most devastating pandemic in world history. So when the plague hit London from 1665 to 1666, people had a fair reason to be alarmed. My question that I will answer by the end of this essay is that; why was the Great Plague of London important and how did it impact the people of London during that time? The sources I will use are: The Influence of Bubonic Plague in England 1500-1667 by Alan D. Dyer, Plague in London: A Case Study of the Biological and Social Pressures Exerted by 300 Years of Yersinia Pestis by Alice Hall, and The Impact of the Plague on Human Behavior in Seventeenth Century Europe by Judy Staiano. With the help of these three sources, I will reach the answer …show more content…

Common symptoms include: gangrene, buboes, seizures, high fever, and chills. Most of the treatments that were used during the time of the plague were ineffective for example, bloodletting. These are some of the symptoms people had to go through due to the plague. At the end of the Great Plague of London, an estimated total of 100,000 or about 15% of London’s population died. Because of separating the infected from the healthy, London was finally able to halt the spread of the plague. But during this devastating epidemic how were the people of London …show more content…

When talking about the migration during the Great Plague of London, Staiano said, “Many of the wealthier people fled the cities and retreated to their country residences. This flight of people began in earnest in London, in June 1665, creating much confusion and a dramatic change in social and economic conditions.” Migration stopped all normal life for the people of London. Even though it isolated and decreased the amount of diseased citizens in London, it did disrupt some of the economic stability. For example most trade and commerce halted leading to unemployment and starvation. Dyer explains how the migration impacted the people of London and

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