The Influence Of Youth Culture

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Choice of subject
I choose Youth Culture as my subject, because I think it’s interesting. I’m a teenager, and I’m a part of the youth culture today. I think it could be interesting to learn more about the Youth Culture in the past, and how it has effected us today.
It all started in America back in 1950. Before the second world war wasn’t there such thing as teenager. The children went from childhood to adulthood. Back in 1950’s Books, TV shows and music was about and for teenager became a big hit. The children started to hang out after school. They went to parties, started smoking, drinking alcohol, and make sexual activities.
The young people was not visible in the society, and wanted to voice their opinions, and they became more confidence. They turned their backs on the Norms, and to the expectations their parent’s generations had. They rejected how their parents lived and worked, and many of them did the complete opposite of what their parents did. They called these difference for the generation gab. It was a result of the distance between the generations, the teenagers and the parents. The youth was separated in to different subcultures. All the subcultures had different features and ideals. The features and ideals was determined by factors like access to internet, local taste, style in music and cloths. Drugs, sex and alcohol became a part of the youth, and many people saw that as a big problem. Many bands like Beatles wrote songs, that referred to drugs and
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