The Internet: The Importance Of Monitoring The Internet

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" From Instagram to Google to Minecraft, the internet is an extraordinary tool used to make our lives easier in this modern age. With this blessing, comes an extensive responsibility. Being safe online is a top priority when using the internet. Sometimes, though not all people will abide by these suggested guidelines of internet use. Crimes can be committed and people can be bullied. The question is, when these kinds of things happen, should schools and the government have permission to monitor the internet content of users. Due to the utmost importance of safety, the government should have full permission to monitor internet access. The government should have permission access the internet so crime can be stopped. There have been many cases of cybercrime committed. Crimes such as identity theft, fraud, piracy, counterfeiting, pornography, computer viruses, and spamming can be harmful both physically and mentally to other users of the internet. If the government has access to monitor internet content, then crimes such as these can be stopped. Children on social media can be stalked and forced into sending unwanted photos of themselves with a threat over their head. If children give in, a stranger can obtain photos of the child and can use these photos as a threat. If not, these unwanted photos can be posted for everyone to see. This example is one, illegal, and two, can ruin a child_Ñés digital footprint forever. We could prevent such things like this if we allow

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