The Internet: The Shallows By Nicholas Carr

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The Shallows shows many points on the Internet. What Nicholas Carr says in the book is mostly faced towards how the internet is doing terrible things to our brains. Carr explains to the reader that ever since we have started inventing new things we have become lazier. I agree with Carr’s statement. When the internet was invented we had access to almost everything because of it. This made us able to learn about the Romans by looking it up on the internet instead of walking to the library and finding a book on it. Also with the invention of the “Car”. This made it a lot easier to get from point “a” to point “b” but made us lazier and hurt the environment in a horrible way. Although the internet has helped us in some incredible ways it has equally hurt us. …show more content…

This helped many people transfer useful information a lot faster. It also is not beneficial since instead of meeting that person in person we just text them and don’t talk face to face. This has influenced millennials in a dreadful way because that is all we are used to. We don’t know how to hold an actual conversation we can only talk to people naturally if it is not in person otherwise we tense up and don’t know what to say and get quiet. The internet has also changed dating for many people because you can now see pictures online and rate them which could set up future dates. This is a positive effect of the internet because it leaves less people single. This is also negative because you don’t go out just to meet people anymore. Less people are interacting in person because of the internet which goes back to people being lazy because they can date from the comfort of their

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