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Jade Pritchard Movie Review The Internship (2013) Director Shawn Levy Main Actors Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson Dylan O’ Brian Summary of the Plot The film follows Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson), two friends who are searching for employment after the company they work for shuts down and they lose their jobs as salesman. Their struggle to find a job persists as they are out of touch with the age of technology and lack necessary skills. On a whim, Billy finds an application for a summer internship at Google. The two are accepted into the program based on their unusual answers to the interview rather than based on their level of skill. The two are the only members of the internship who are not of the college age and soon join a team of rejects; Stuart, who is constantly glued to his phone screen, Yo-Yo Santos, a stereotypical Asian-American boy who was home schooled by his overbearing Asian mother; and Neha, an Indian-American girl who is majorly enthusiastic. The leader of the team is Lyle, who tries to act cool in order to hide his insecurities from his peers. The team are constantly bullied by another intern, Graham who is cocky and competitive by nature. The aim of the summer internship is to compete against other teams in various tasks to prove which team should be given permanent jobs at the end of the summer. The teams are challenged to create an app. Billy and Nick convince the team that a wild night out will be good

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