Jim Crow Laws In The 1930's

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It has been a big change in America, since the 1930’s. African American’s weren’t allowed to vote, they were discriminated against for many years. Unfortunately, the laws in the 1930’s, also prevented women rights to vote. Women also had to obtain an education to work in a man’s world. Even though it was hard for African American’s, it was also even harder for immigrants that migration to the United States, due to The Great Depression. The United States of America have been treating Immigrants’ un fairly for many years, now that Donald Trump in office, history is repeating itself. In the 1930’, there were many laws that was created, and one of them were called the Jim Crow law. The Jim Crow Law was created to enforced racial segregation in …show more content…

When President Herbert Hoover, was in office a precipitous drop in the value of the U.S. stock market came crashing downward and signaled the start of the Great Depression. Due to the Jim Crow laws it was hard for even immigrants to survive the Great Depression. Upon this article it was “Around one third of Los Angeles’ Mexican population left the country, as did a third of Texas’ Mexican- born population” (Blakemore). During the years, Latino American’s had to fight to have the same equal right as American citizens. Even through “Mexican’s is willing to work for low wages, they help build the railroads in the 1930’s, American’s were and still is afraid, of foreigners stealing jobs” (Blakemore). In the 1930’s the murder rate was one of the highest ever in America. A lot of African American’s and Mexican’s were being lynch or being charged with ridicules charges. “According to this article “In the 1931, police officers grabbed Mexican – Americans certain area, and many of them were U.S citizens, and shoved them into waiting vans. Immigration agents blocked exists and arrested around 400 people, who were then deported to Mexico, regardless of their citizenship or immigration status” (Blakemore). Since, Donald Trump is in office, Immigrant are suffering from the similar challenges of deportation. Even though African American’s, are no longer slaves, they still face difficulties living in the south of

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