The Killer Angles Essay

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The book The Killer Angles is opened up with us viewing the Union Army through the eyes of a confederate spy that tells us everything you need to know about the armies and how each army was fairing at the time of Gettysburg as it gives you a rich back ground of the armies. When their all together they will outnumber you General (Shaara pg8). This book also allows you to peer inside the Southerns ' Great Generals minds and really get a feel of their character and what it was like to fight a war when you stand no real chance of winning. He had never believed in this invasion. Lee and Davis together over ruled him...when the enemy outnumbered and outgunned you. This allows us to truly understand where the faults in the Confederates tactics really…show more content…
The Book THE Killer Angles clearly gives us the picture of how General Lee could have viewed the attack. "They will break," Lee repeated "in any case, there is no…show more content…
"Well, I tell you, sir, frankly my boys are beginning to wonder at the attitude of the high command toward my division... But I mean, the whole war could be damn well over soon... and my boys would have missed it. This book also sets up the importance of the battle for if the south were to win this battle It would be the battle that pulls the Confederates so much need allies. this book is great for our class because we have covered the revolutionary war for what the south is fighting their own one but at the same time we can see how important it is to finally take the offensive against an enemy in war as to pull some much need friend s to join your side. cause as we have seen this year we could not have beaten Britain without French support but that was the same for the Confederates the battle of Gettysburg was a repeat of the battle of Saratoga but end with the reverse affects leading to the South losing any hope of getting foreign allies to join in on the
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