The Kite Runner: A Narrative Fiction

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He closed his eyes for a while and then opened them only to be surprised by a blinding light. His eyes started to look around wildly. There were other people staring at him. He stood up and stared back at them. He noticed that there were no girls in the area, only boys. He also noticed there was an opening in the wall. Next thing he knew, he was sprinting toward the opening. One of the boys yelled, “We got a runner!” Thomas looked back to see if anyone was after him. No one was going after him. The moment he turned back around, he was knocked over onto the ground. His vision was starting to blur and eventually faded into darkness. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- …show more content…

“You okay?”, he asked Thomas. “Yeah, I believe so. What happened?” “You were knocked out by Galy.” He replied. “Who’s Galy?” “He is our main protector. He keeps us from harming ourselves and fellow friends.” “Oh, and who are you?” Thomas asked. “My name is Alby. I was the first one sent here.” Thomas got up and looked out the window. Everybody seemed to be fine. “Why did they stop me from running into that open?” Thomas questioned. “That there isn’t just an opening, it’s and opening to a maze,” Alby said in response, “If we would’ve let you go in there, you’d probably die.” “Well then, what are we going to do?” Thomas asked. “We will keep living here until someone lets us go.” Alby said with

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