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A. Explain the major causes of the Great Depression There were an innumerable of causes to the Great Depression from the Black Tuesday, economic policies and even a drought in America. To kick off the Great Depression the stock market crashed and $40 billion dollars in American assets were lost in the blink of an eye on what is recalled as Black Tuesday. This affected nearly 700 banks that all eventually failed and caused the many other banks that were able to stay afloat to become reluctant to loan any money out. Without new loans, there was no new money to be spent, causing the government to enact economic policies. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff was created in 1930 to enforce heavy taxes on American Trade to help prevent American Companies …show more content…

Explain how the end of World War II contributed to the rise of Cold War tensions by doing the following: 1. Discuss the effect of the arms race on the rise of Cold War tensions. The nuclear arms race was directly correlated with rising tensions during the cold war. After one nation made an advancement the other would quickly counter with something combatable. To further the illustration, the Soviet Union learned Eisenhower was beginning to stockpile weapons leading the development of the Soviet Union own H-Bomb. Next Soviets launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile, and the United States countered by deploying intermediate range missiles in allying European countries. Each country raising the stakes, nudging the other to retaliation in weapon advancements. 2. Describe how differing ideologies led to increased Cold War …show more content…

America was a capitalist society that ordained people to act on behalf of their constitutional freedoms like the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. The Soviet Union on the other hand opposed capitalism upholding a communist society and believed in the states control over its people’s lives and freedoms. We see the fear for opposing ideologies playout in European Countries. America was afraid that the destruction of communism would plague Soviet neighbors. While America was actively involved reconstructing Germany and its allies, they frightened Stalin and his communist party as they viewed their borders were weak and unable to be protected from an invasion. Bother countries deployed territorial and ally grabbing techniques to improve their strong hold on

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