The Man Who Was Almost A Man Character Analysis

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The three criteria for the a developing characters in a story are on the consistent behavior, there motivation and the quality being lifelike. The characteristic for consistent behavior is that the characters attitude and behavior are consistent throughout the story and remain the same, however if the behavior does change it would be justified why it would be. Another characteristic is the motivation for the character, why they act/do stuff a certain way aswell to what they believe in. Lastly is whether this character could be plausible in realife, the character with hold traits that can exist with someone in this world. In the short story“The Man Who Was Almost a Man” by Richard Wright, a young minded boy named David showed all three characteristics …show more content…

He is a character who does not seem to have grown up mentally and still has a mind of young boy. In the beginning of the story we see David walking home believing he deserves more power and respect from the people he surround himself. However he is too scared to put in the work and courage for picking himself up, so he lets himself get pushed around or told him. “Ahn seventeen. Almost a man… a man oughta hava little gun aftah he done worked hard all day.” In his mind he believes that if he works he should have a reward, either will grant his masculinity, a toy for him to play with, or even both. Another event that showcases his inner child is When he is confronted by a group of people about the death of the mule. He couldve admitted to the crime however he chooses to lie about it until the people figured out it was a bullet hole, as well about the location of the weapon when his father asked. He also began to start crying in anger and frustation when he left home while the crowd was laughing him. Ultimatly running away from home because he didnt wanna pay his fine for the mule. Show he would rather take the easy way out and not face the consequence not man

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