Character Analysis Of Tally In The Smoke

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Meet the Characters

There are only five important main characters of Uglies, Tally, David, Az and Maddie and Shay.
Tally is the main character in the story, the hero. She is a young ‘Ugly’ who causes a lot of trouble. Throughout the story, Tally starts to understand the way of the ‘Pretties.’ In the first chapter, she is sneaking into New Pretty Town. This explains a lot about her character, with her loyalty to her old best friend, now pretty. This also says another thing, she is very obedient, when she wants to be. For example, Tally tries to follow Peris’s order, which had asked her to stay out of trouble. She has a changing opinion throughout the story. For example, when Tally’s first opinion of being ‘pretty’ comes out, she is eager, and …show more content…

Her opinion ranges from the operation, to the Smoke. Her opinion on Tally also changes, for example, at first, just during the invasion, she hates Tally’s guts. Later on, when rescued, the operation messed with her mind, making her a mindless party person.
David is a boy who was born in The Smoke. He goes out and takes the rebels back to The Smoke, and helps them with their journey. He had been close to Shay, almost in a love way. After Tally had been taken into the smoke, he fell in love with her, sharing secrets only he and his parents knew. After the invasion, David had met with Tally and made a plan to save the Smokies. This explains a lot about him, like the fact that he loves his parents and friends, and will stop at nothing to help them.
Az and Maddie are David’s parents, former surgeons for the Operation. They had found out that the Operation did something to your brain. They ran away, and reversed the Operation. This explains a lot, for the fact that they didn’t want to be one of them. They also allow Tally to know this secret, and this also changes their opinion on her. Later on, Az dies due to an error in memory reverse. This doesn’t stop Maddie from saving the Smokies, this gives her the power to complete the

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