The Mexican American War

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Who’s the bad guy in the Mexican- American war? In the United States everyone focuses on the war as something Mexico started; that’s why there’s two different names for the war, the Unites States; “The Mexican war” and Mexico’s; “Invasion de los Estados Unidos” which translates to “the invasion of the United States”, both countries blame each other for the war but whose fault is it? It all started in 1846 to later end two years later, this conflict had many reasons, the first reason is because President James K. Polk thought about this type of exploration of foreign soil to expand the U.S. which is called the Manifest Destiny; Polk tried to come to an agreement with the Mexicans politicians about the land he wanted for America, he tried…show more content…
Because of the violent actions the Mexicans troops took against the American troop, James K. Polk demanded congress to declare a war against Mexico. Polk claimed that American blood was shed in American territory but in reality it still wasn’t anyone’s property because both countries claimed the land. At the time Mexico didn’t recognize the annexation of Texas. Mexico took the actions of opening fire after the “annex”, something James K. Polk advocated after his beliefs of manifest destiny which was his belief of expanding America into foreign soil. As soon as Mexico opened fire, the Mexican American war started. The first battle of the war was the battle of Palo Alto which was fought in current day Brownsville on May 8, 1846. Taylor led the opposing forces to fight against Arista’s Mexican troop. The battle took place north of the Rio Grande, the battle led to Taylor’s victory. The day after, Taylor followed Mexico’s retreating men to Resaca de la Palma with 200 soldiers where they took yet another victory. The Mexicans were not prepared because they were poorly trained and their gunpowder was of such poor quality. The artillery barrages often sent the cannonballs to weakly go in the air, all the opposing soldiers had to do is just simply move out of the way to avoid them…show more content…
Cuevas y Miguel Atristain y Nicolas Trist, representandtes de los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica, que ponene fin al estado de guerra entre ambos paises”. Which translates to that finally after war the representatives of both countries came to terms and ended the war and peace is restored between both countries. The last battle before the end of the war was the Battle of Mexico City where general Winfield Scott and American troops arrived in Mexico for their final battle, on September 14, 1847 Scott and the Americans troops walked away one final time with a victory. When the war ended Santa Anna who was a Politian who had a great influence on Mexican politics and government quit, resigned his position. After Santa Anna gave his position up the United States waited for a new government who was capable of negotiations to form. At last, after two years of war the United States and Mexico came to peace. After the new government was formed, peace was written out in a treaty which was The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, this treaty was a written document that explained that the Mexican American war ended. This treaty of peace was signed on the 2nd of February 1848. Because of the treaty in the end the United States got more than 500,000 square miles of foreign soil that helped the United States emerge as a world power in the late
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