The Mission In Mosul Case Study

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The United States Army entered Mosul, but at no time did they think they would have to run the country. The U.S had a plan, but when that plan failed, they had to go to their next option. The next option for the commander in Iraq was to move the 101st up to Mosul to secure it (Lundberg & Zimmerman). The 101st commanders really did not know what to expect, but one thing he knew is that securing Mosul would be a key element in the future and building of Iraq.
Ending up in Mosul
The mission was to secure Mosul, but when 4th ID was not allowed to enter through Turkey, someone else available would end up taking that mission. The Mosul mission was given to MG Petraeus and his men from the 101st Airborne Division (Lundberg & Zimmerman). No one really knew what to expect, but a man with purpose and critical thinking skills would use his experiences to achieve success. He conducted the biggest Air Assault operation in U.S Army history.
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There was no instruction manual that could tell MG Petraeus what he needed to know, so he could start rebuilding the country. The only thing he could use was his experience and a heart to help the people of Iraq get back to normality. MG Petraeus had to make sure that he was going to get support from his generals. He started to contact all those people that could help him make a difference in starting a new Iraq. He made local contact with emerging political leaders, university professors, judicial figures, religious leaders and local business that understood how Iraq should function (Lundberg & Zimmerman). MG Petraeus thought his mission was to fight a war, but he ended rebuilding
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