The Mormon Mistakes

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The Mormon Mistakes Throughout history, religion has negatively affected its own members. This is especially true with the Mormon Church, a denomination of Christianity founded in the 1820s. This church like any other has helped better people 's lives in spiritual ways. However, there are people that are denied this betterment, people that are discriminated against, and people that are being lied to. This is a problem the church must take ownership of, and solve. Thus, the Mormon Church negatively affects its own members because of its unfair treatment of women, discrimination of homosexuals, and re-writing of church history; ultimately the Mormon church needs to accept it’s faults and create a more accepting and inclusive religion.

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First of all, the church tried to cover up Joseph Smith’s polygamy. The truth is, the first prophet of the church, Joseph Smith, had more than forty wives. For years the church had told it’s members that this was not the truth, and anyone who said differently was wrong. The church also went further and lied about Joseph Smith’s use of alcohol and tobacco. What the church didn 't want known was that Joseph Smith was a user of alcohol and tobacco, but the church left out this fact so that members would look more favorably on him. Finally, the church used a false account called The Testament of the Three Witnesses to legitimize the creation of The Book of Mormon. At the beginning of almost every copy of the Book of Mormon there is a testimony from three people, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer. The testimony quotes these people as having seen the golden plates, used to translate the original Book of Mormon. Later these men were excommunicated and revealed that they had lied in the testimony. Because of these facts, it is safe to say the Golden Plates may have never existed. These are just a few examples of how the church had lied about or changed church

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