Brigham Young: Joining The Mormon Church

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Brigham Young was born in Whittingham, Vermont on June 1st. The small Vermont village of Whittingham, lies along the Deerfield River, just a few miles past the Massachusetts border. Brigham Young decided to join the Mormon Church after the Book of Mormon was published, and then was baptized by Joseph Smith, who was the leader of the church at that time. When Joseph Smith was shot and killed Brigham became the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. “He became an ardent missionary and disciple, and moved to Kirtland, Ohio, where he did carpentry work and undertook preaching missions (Bringhurst).” Young’s greatest was in real estate. Young was a very wealthy man and when he had died his estimated wealth was $600,000. Which…show more content…
As Brigham Young became the president of the Church he had more and more responsibilities. The Mormon people were being attacked by mobs and driven out of their homelands. As they kept moving from land to land Brigham consulted with his closest advisers, concluding that the only way to prevent Mormon/ Non-Mormon violence would be to abandon Nauvoo and migrate to a new frontier. He had tried to find a place where the Mormons could live without being attacked and killed. They moved west to seek out a location and a home where the saints could dwell in peace and health. For the location of the Mormons new sanctuary, Young considered many options. One was the republic of Texas. Still an Independent Nation, this region was favored by Apostle Lyman Wright Lucien Woodworth and several influential Mormons. Woodworth had traveled to Texas to confer with Sam Huston (Bringhurst, Brigham Young and the Expanding American Frontier). The Texan leader was anxious to promote the settlement of…show more content…
Brigham Young helped 60,000 to 70,000 pioneers to the Salt Lake City Valley, known as Zion. As he made his way west he found himself harassed by hostile state and federal officials seeking his arrest and imprisonment throughout the fall and winter. Brigham was the leader and organizer of this amazing trek for the Mormons they planned to leave in the spring and get there in the winter; but the people of Nauvoo and the government wanted them out now. So when they left they were all disorganized and worried they had to leave many families behind. But the Mormon’s kept pushing forward. As the Mormons kept pushing forward Brigham Young took care of all the business in Nauvoo and all the problems that went wrong. When on this trek the Mormons had very much faith that they would get to where they needed to be many people died along the way but still were holding on strong to get where they needed to be to live in peace away from the angry mobs and the

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