Essay Compare And Contrast Jamestown Vs Plymouth Colony

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Which colony would be best to travel and live with? The Jamestown or Plymouth colony? These two seem completely different given some of the facts but do have certain things in common. A difference would be the leaders, of course. Jamestown was led by John Smith, and Plymouth was led by William Bradford. To begin with, John Smith came to Jamestown from England with the thought of getting rich. Money was in this man’s mind all along. In their colony all they thought of was about themselves, they were selfish. There was no “us” but just “me” in every man’s mind. And just like the men were selfish, they just thought about themselves and their own needs and wants. And when William Bradford came to Plymouth from England he came in search for religious freedom. In his colony, …show more content…

Both colonies came from England to the Americas in search for something. In addition, from both colonies, many of their men died and starved during their journey. Once they got to the Americas, the Natives helped them out by supplying a few necessary things like food, which really helped. In contrast, both came to the Americas for different reasons. Smith came for money and Bradford came for religious freedom. Equally important, they both did things quite differently. In Jamestown they did everything for their own benefit, and in Plymouth they did everything in order to help each other. In addition, Smith left the colony and didn’t return and Bradford stayed with his colony through it all. More importantly, the Plymouth colony viewed each other as family rather than men as the Jamestown viewed one another. In conclusion, the Plymouth and Jamestown colonies are fairly different. They don’t view things equally but did go through things similarly. But regardless of the similarities, I have decided due to the difference in viewpoints that I would rather live and travel with the Plymouth colony rather than be with the Jamestown

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