The Most Dangerous Game Bullying Analysis

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How does bullying affect someone's life? In the story “The Most Dangerous Game”, General Zaroff relates to a bully in multiple ways. Like a bully, they often seem nice and friendly, to gain a person's trust and befriend them. General Zaroff conducts himself as a gentleman to Rainsford, befriending him by giving Rainsford shelter and food. Then, a bully will pressure that person into bullying others, much like how Zaroff pressured Rainsford into hunting humans. If that somebody does not want to bully, much like how Rainsford did not want to hunt humans, the bully will turn and harass that person, like how Zaroff hunts Rainsford. Connell demonstrates in his story “The Most Dangerous Game” that bullies can seem nice in the beginning.When Rainsford meets General Zaroff, the General seems caring and invites Rainsford into his home. Rainsford found the general “a most thoughtful and affable host,” much like how a bully would seem friendly. Bullies will befriend a person they do not know, just as Zaroff befriended Rainsford. General Zaroff gave Rainsford food and shelter from the wild, much as a bully would give someone help in school …show more content…

This relates to how General Zaroff pressured Rainsford to hunt humans. When they to know the bully after the he befriended them, the person will start to notice odd traits about the bully, just as Rainsford started to notice bizarre traits about Zaroff. That person will start to notice that the bully who they thought appeared to seem as their friend, bullies other kids, like how Rainsford realizes Zaroff hunts humans. The General states “I’ll wager you’ll forget your notions when you go hunting with me,” meaning that Rainsford will forget his morals when he attempts hunting humans, like how a bully would deny feeling wretched for bullying when they perform the action. If a person reject the offer to bully, the bully will turn on him, just as Zaroff turned on

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