The Movie Amelie

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The French film Amelie directed in Paris, the city of love receive many awards as it was classified as one of the best movies ever done by its elements and knocked way to show the genre expressing the theme. There are many elements that brought this movie to success as by the animations of fantasy and comparison of fairy tales. Formalism as mise en scene were amazing for the points wanted to give to as topic. Amelie loves every single pleasure life has given her to enjoy. A very creative girl, that has talent in her hands, the cover of the film is very creative as is unusual with different colors and angels from the protagonist making the film look different to the others.
This movie shows how love can be found in unexpected ways, or began weak and finish strong. The film “Amelie” is such an extraordinary example to use mise en scene, by its frame, proxematic patterns, composition, and design. I really love this movie in particular from the others that we have watched in this class, especially because is romance, and well what girl would not like romance. I have this addiction to romance movies, such as from Nicholas Spark’s creations. There are great writers in history that have made an excellent job in art by the stories they make/convert into films, theaters, or books, and mostly in our imaginations. “Amelie” has so many features shown, animations, and especially a different theme regarding to love stories.
There are differences in “Amelie” as how there is portraying a
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