Criticism Of Narco Analysis Test

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i. Contents ii. Table of Cases iii. List of Abbreviations Chapter – I Introduction • Research Objectives • Research Questions • Hypothesis • Research Methodology Chapter – II Nacro Analysis Chapter – III Analyze Scientific Evidence and Tests Chapter – IV Criticism of Narco Analysis Test Chapter – V Conclusion & Suggestions Bibliography • Primary Sources • Secondary Sources Webliography Table of Cases List of Abbreviations INTRODUCTION This research paper tries to link science, law and ethics. This paper tries to answers various questions relating to narco analysis. It concentrates more on India. Firstly, as researcher heals from this country and is curious to answer questions that deals with both modern science and law. Secondly, …show more content…

Narco-analysis is a term that has been derived from Greek word narkç which means "anesthesia" or "torpor". How men with sound mind lie? A person is able to lie by using his imagination. In the Narco Analysis Test, the person’s imagination is neutralized by making him semiconscious (hypnotic-like state). In the narco-analysis test, the person’s inhibitions are lowered by interfering with his nervous system at the molecular level in this state, it becomes difficult for him to lie and his answers would be restricted to facts he is already aware of. Experts inject the person with Sodium Pentothal or Sodium Amytal. Truth serum is colloquial name for any of a range of psychoactive medications administered to a person by an expertise. The dose usually depends on the person's sex, age, health and physical condition. A wrong dose can result in a person going into a coma, or even death. This process of investigation is fatal if proper care is not taken. Narco-analysis test can be exploited by the therapist. The narco-analysis test is one of the scientific tests used to nail the culprit. The Evidence Act is completely silent on such employment of scientific process. This paper makes an effort to answer questions about validity and admissibility of these tests in Indian courts, advantages and disadvantages, is the procedure for narco analysis violative of the rights against self incrimination, …show more content…

Musto “It is generally held that the constitutional immunity from self-incrimination does not apply to a compulsory examination to determine the defendant's physical or mental condition for the purpose of testifying thereto, provided the defendant is not compelled to answer any questions, with the answers being used testimonial on trial.” Unfortunately, not a single medical association in India has spoken out against such participation. Legal battles about the admissibility in courts of information collected by using narco-analysis and lie detection continue even as physicians, psychiatrists and forensic doctors in India continue to violate medical ethics by participating and assisting in these interrogation sessions. CRITICISM OF NARCO ANALYSIS

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