Lethal Injection Drug Shortage Summary

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In the article “Botched Execution Shows Perils of Lethal Injection Drug Shortage” discusses that the pharmaceuticals being used in today’s death-row executions are not being supplied to prisons. Drug manufactures are no longer supplying the lethal drugs, stating the drugs are being used against the company’s wishes. Furthermore, correctional centers are buying drugs illegally or trading drugs with other states in order to continue the lethal injection to death-row inmates. The author states that correctional facilities have been taken to court and are refusing to disclose information as to what compounds they are using on death-row inmates.
The author also states that because manufacturer’s are no longer providing correctional centers with the drugs, the states are considering bringing execution methods from centuries ago back in practice. Alternative execution methods such as the electric chair are being considered. The discontinued legal drugs and shortage has caused secrecy in how the drugs are obtained. Because correctional centers are buying drugs from the Indian black market illegally, the Drug Enforcement Administration …show more content…

Although inmates are being put to death, their death does not have to be stressful and painful. The inmate serving death-row and facing death may deserve death for their actions, However, a painful death is a cruel punishment and inhumane. The lethal injection drugs should be carefully evaluated by Drug Enforcement Administration and be free of cruelty when being administered to the inmate. Just because someone is going to die anyway, the lethal injection matters on what will be administered. Off market drugs is illegal to obtain when there is not a prescription, therefore, off market drugs should not be allowed for use in a correctional center for death

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