Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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With aging and disease comes many complications; the body is pushed to mental, physical, and emotional extremes. Many people experience pain and suffering with these changes and struggle to cope with it. Since the process of aging and the course of disease is a natural process it becomes a challenge to decide when enough is enough. Is palliative care enough or should assisted suicide be considered? Whether it be from the natural aging progression or onset of disease, the process of dying is inevitable and brings a variety of complications; therefore assisted suicide should be of consideration. Since assisted suicide is not a widely accepted option for end of life situations it is very controversial. People may argue that, assisted …show more content…

Dying patients have the right to decide if they want to receive medical care such as whether or not to pursue treatment for a serious disease or whether they want to undergo lifesaving procedures; therefore they should be able to decide about medical assisted suicide. Another circumstance when a patient makes a decision regarding life or death for themselves is a Do Not Resuscitate order. The order is filed in order determine a care plan in case of emergency. This is a decision made by the patient for the patient, very similar to how assisted suicide works. A patient also sets up a living wills and advance directives before dying about other circumstances and how to handle them when death approaches. Advance directives help you plan out choices you make regarding care for end of life before the time comes. Patients have so many choices regarding death and dying, assisted suicide needs to be a choice they …show more content…

Many people are under the impression that assisted suicide gives medical professionals too much power and creates opportunities for abuse. In a hospice setting medical experts have an equal opportunity for abuse. Pushing morphine around the clock, continuously, until respiratory efforts fail is a similar concept that will eventually result in death. Everything in the world, with the medical world as no exception, has the potential for abuse. Just because there is a chance of something negative happening should not outweigh all of the ways that assisted suicide can help people in this scary stage of their lives. It is a very complicated situation and it is extremely hard to determine what is right and wrong but, it is a much deeper concept than just assisted

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