The Narrator's Use Of Tone In Lizabeth

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The narrator, Lizabeth, has chosen to retell a story as an adult reflecting on a significant incident from her childhood. The narrator’s choice of words is used to create or tell this story. The narrator sets the tone by using the phrases “brown, crumbly dust” (par. 1) and “arid, sterile dust” (par. 1). Using these words, the author creates a depressing tone. Her words gave a dirty or poor feeling to the setting. In choosing to juxtapose the words “dirt roads and grassless yards” (par. 1) and “lush green yards” (par. 1), the author showed the depressing tone. These words compare what the narrator lives in, a poor and dirty environment, to what she does not have, a clean and rich community. Over the course of the excerpt, the tone became more

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