The New Tale Of Genji Essay

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Introduction The performance we are analyzing is ‘The New Tale of Genji’ from Takarazuka revue, performed and released by flower troupe in 2015. The New Tale of Genji illustrated the story happened around Hikaru Genji in Heian period. Genji was an extremely handsome man with a high political status. Fujitsubo, the new wife of the Emperor, was the first lady that Genji fell in love to. Owing to the high similarity to his mother who passed away, Genji could not help to stop this forbidden love. After years, Genji met a little girl named Murasaki who was revealed to be the niece of Fujitsubo, Genji adopted and raised her to the perfect lady of Genji. Despite the fact that he had many love relationships with various ladies, Genji was only chasing for the phantom of his mother he had lost. From this story plot, we can highlight some key concepts of class, gender, and performativity. Class …show more content…

Everyone in the court should obey and respect the hierarchy structure, no matter what is their identity. Yet, the backing of powerful guardians is also vital for the political figures. Take Genji as an example, although he was the son of the Emperor, due to the lacking of a backing stage, he could only become one of the retainers instead of the Crown Prince. The relationships of Genji also give insight to this concept. Genji, being a son of the emperor, his friends are all from noble class, even if Genji was already been turned into commoner. To no Chujo and other imperial officers, but not a single commoner is a companion of

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