The Old Generation In The Medicine Bag

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When stories are shared it shows how different things have become overtime. In certain cases some cultures may have specific words that are commonly used throughout generations. For example, In "The Medicine Bag", the grandfather uses Sioux words such as "Wincincala" or "Hau" that wouldn't normally be said outside of their family. In most cases older generations have much different views and ideas than younger generations. Throughout history there have been multiple cultures that were much stricter when it came to raising children. Because the culture could be watered down from less and less people practicing it, children might see the practices as unnecessary when they don't see the value of them. Younger generations may be more open to change and innovation. While, the older generation grew up in the past and have a larger respect for it, because of this they may also have a harder time accepting change.…show more content…
. For example, the word "sick" went from solely meaning "ill" to meaning both "ill" and "cool". Sometimes older generation's opinions and words are held to a higher power compared to younger generations. This may be because the older generations have experience and wisdom. An example of this is from the novel "Walk Two Moons", in this novel the Grandmother stands by her granddaughter and supports her through the entire journey giving her advice and helping her along the way. Besides using words and telling stories generations can be connected through their culture. This can include celebrations, the passing down of objects, physical characteristics, but it really depends on what is truly special to that family or to those people. An example of this was in "The Medicine Bag", The grandfather connects with his great grandson over the medicine
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