Why Anthem Is Popular With Today's Teens

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Is it common for teens today to feel controlled all the time? Anthem by Ayn Rand is a story based in the future where people lived in a controlled space and are not allowed to leave. They aren’t even allowed to interact with the other gender, and they don’t know how to say the word “I”. The Giver directed by Phillip Noyce is also based in a future where people have no memory of what has happened in the past and they live in a controlled environment that no one has ever left. Anthem and The Giver are popular with today 's teens because they can relate to being controlled all the time. Here are a few reasons why Anthem is popular with today’s teens. This quote from the book Anthem explains that everyone of the same gender is alike in that society. “ We strive to be like our brother men, for all men must be alike.” ( Rand 7). The reason for this quote is to show that some people in society strive to be like others. Those are a few reasons why Anthem is so popular with teens. The movie The Giver is very popular with teenagers today and here’s why. This quote from The Giver shows that the Chief Elder controls everything and what everyone does in their …show more content…

This quote from The Giver explains a little bit of both stories and their past. “ The worst part about holding the memories is not the pain, It is the loneliness of it Memories need to be shared.” ( Noyce ) This quote explains that both societies are finding out things that happened in the past. They are shared as memories from the Giver to the Receiver of Memory. These two texts are popular with teens because they can relate to them both on a personal level. Similar to the story Anthem teens learn things about the past that they were not there for. But, they can remember what happened from memory. This is why teens are so interested in dystopian literature

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