Box Five In Meg Giry's The Box At The Opera

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Begins in the past, during a party at the Opera. La Sorelli, a principal dancer, isin her dressing room when a group of young ballet dancers run in after their performance.The entire group is terrified because they claim to have seen the ghost. They discuss thefear that the ghost instills in even the bravest people and the rumored appearance of theghost. Joseph Buquet has told the best account of seeing the ghost. Another ballerina,Meg Giry, speaks up and tells the girls that the ghost has own private box at the Opera, of which her mother is in charge. A mother of one of the dancers comes into the dressingand announces that Joseph Buquet was found hanging in the third cellar under the stage.When men returned to retrieve Joseph Buquet, he was no…show more content…
They speak to Mme. Giry, the box-keeper of BoxFive. Box Five is the box that the ghost requests. The new managers think that the oldmanagers want Box Five for themselves. They dismiss the box-keeper as mad when shedefends the story of the Opera ghost. They decided that they must investigate Box Fiveon their own. This chapter gives the reader a deep look into Christine Daae’s life and the history of her relationship with Raoul de Chagny. As children, they spent time together in thecountryside and fell in love. Also, the reader hears the story of the Angel of Music andcomes to understand her deep emotional connection with this so-called Angel. Raoulreceives a letter from Christine that says she is going out to Perros to mourn her father.They witness a moonlight violin performance by a hidden figure. Christine believes thatthis figure is the Angel of Music, or the angel of her deceased father. Raoul approachesthis figure but does not fully see and ends up being left half-dead the next morning in thechurch next to the cemetery in Perros. The new opera managers decide to take a personal look at Box Five
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