The Optimist's Creed Analysis

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Have you ever found yourself in a strenuous situation and went as far as the brink of giving up because you were doubtful you had what it takes? By understanding Don’t Quit by Edgar A. Guest, and The Optimist 's Creed, by Christian D. Larson, you may have a much improved method at tackling these situations as both poems display a theme of persevering through difficult times. The poem Don’t Quit exemplifies what is required when facing challenges and not allowing quitting to be an option. The poet says very confidently, “When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don’t you quit”. He understands that some moments in life will beat you down until you have nowhere left to pull strength from, but it is most important to find that last bit of drive in order to be among the successful. This passion to continue fighting is what sets you apart from others. The poem, The Optimist’s Creed, presents ways to positively improve your mindset and confidence which complements the poem by Guest. Without these…show more content…
The poem Don’t Quit includes rhyme in every stanza which gives an intriguing play on words to get the message across. This gives the reader an easier way for decoding the message. By laying the information out like this, Guest is making it vivid that success does not come effortlessly nor does it come to those unwilling to compete. Contrastingly, Larson utilizes repetition throughout his poem with nearly every line beginning with “To”. He lays out each characteristic one must acquire by first starting with, for example, “To be” and then stating the characteristic that is so necessary to hold. The repeating of “To” gives great significance to the succeeding words which are the detailed attributes he wants the reader to have a yearning desire for. By incorporating these writing methods into their poems, Guest and Larson produce a more memorable and understandable
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