The Overthrow Of The Hawaiian Kingdom Was Unjustified

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The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom took place in Hawaii on January 17th, 1893. The overthrow was when the Hawaiian Monarchy was taken down and lost its sovereignty. The Overthrow happened because, The annexationists wanted more power. Some people involved were King David Kalakaua, the Hawaiian league/ Committee of safety, Robert Wilcox, Queen Liliuokalani, and Lorrin Thurston, John Stevens, Sanford Dole, Jame Blount, Aloha Aina, American businessmen. The result of the Overthrow was unjustified. The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was unjustified because there was a lot of fights about who is going to take over the kingdom. The queen also was forced to surrendered her kingdom to the U.S so they Committee of safety can’t have it. Lorrin

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