The Pentagon Papers Case

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Cambodian, Laotians, and Vietnamese fought for their freedom from the French. America sided with the French to manipulate Vietnam. Robert McNamara was a Secretary of Defense, who had the reports about the United States ' plan proceeding on Vietnam. Mainly, they were seriously secret matters : also known as Pentagon Papers. Ellsberg wanted the public to know about his opinion that the federal government 's involvement was a sinister and needless war, so he offered the information of the reports to the New York Times.
This case highlighted the First Amendment condemning any limit on free speech. However, during the case proceeding, the Court had dissents for deciding when the government may restrict the First Amendment. The case spread the fact that …show more content…

The Supreme Court stated that the government 's limit on freedom of speech invades the right of the First Amendment. Therefore, possible additional publication of the Pentagon Papers did not grab attention considerably or influence the United States negatively at all. Consequently, the Pentagon Papers case was a trace of a pivotal example existing for advocating freedom of the press because it was included in freedom of speech. The New York Times published the report, but the government wanted to make it unknown to public because of possible harm to national security and war efforts in Vietnam. As a result, it attempted to stop the Times and the Post from publishing their articles. For a short time, the court ceased the newspapers until

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