The Piper's Son Relationship Analysis

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Betrayal and distrust can break even the strongest of relationships. When those we love, leave us or let us down, we can isolate ourselves and make it difficult for them to come back into our lives. Broken relationships can seem unfixable when we refuse to admit our mistakes and mend them ourselves. Throughout The Piper’s Son, Tom must rebuild all the broken relationships in his life. He must realise what he has done and forgive his closest friends. He needs to right his wrongs with his family and finally, Tom needs to understand what he has done to Tara and rebuild the same connection they had long ago. Sometimes in life, our friends can notice the mistakes we have made, before we do. Tom’s friends are always there when he needs help but Tom is too stubborn to notice. When Francesca went to pick Tom up from the hospital after he fell off a bar stool, he was too angry about his life to thank her for her kind gesture. “You are everything they have ever called you behind your back, you stupid bitch.” (p.8) This quote demonstrates how Tom doesn’t care about what Francesca is doing for him, all he cares about is bringing her down. In order to mend his relationship with his friends, Tom needs to care about more than just himself. He does this by working at the Union pub and slowly starting to …show more content…

In ‘The Piper’s Son’ Tom realises that to rebuilt all his relationships, he needs to understand what he has done to the various people in his life and mend all the holes he has created. Even though Tom has had trouble in his life, he now knows not to shut people out. He needs them to help him and he need to show them gratitude in return. Tom’s friends are always there, his father needs just as much help as he does and he just needed to here both side of the story to understand what he did to Tara. Relationships, no matter who they are with, are hard to maintain if you are selfish and inconsiderate to

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